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At Acues Music, we believe you should be able to get the perfect song for your film. That’s why we’ve built a revolutionary platform featuring hundreds of emerging indie artists and leading composers. Get your perfect song faster with single-song options, subscriptions, and custom music. Create a free account today to get started.

A Curated Roster of Real Artists

Our A&R team handpicks every song from our roster of indie musicians, bands, and composers, so you can spend less time digging and more time creating.

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With ‘Include’ and ‘Exclude’ options, plus dozens of helpful tools and filters like BPM, Lyrics, Song Build, and more, we’re removing every barrier between you and the perfect song.

Music Specialists on Call

Our music specialists will offer suggestions and hunt down the perfect song for your project — all at no cost.

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Great music makes better films.

Every creative should have access to great music.

When artists’ work is valued, everyone wins.